Friday, March 25, 2011


This is a picture of my sisters and me a couple of years ago. Debbie is on the left, Deana in the middle and I'm on the right. (for those who don't know who I am) Our sister, Debbie is undergoing chemo and radiation treatments for throat cancer. I know she appreciates all prayers going up for her.

We don't have a chance to get together often, but we sure have fun when we do!

We had a chance to visit our old home in Sugartree Ridge Ohio; some of our very best "growing-up years". This sweet lady, who was a complete stranger to us, allowed us to come into her home to look around and see if it had changed any. We found that after nearly 45 years, it looked pretty much the same; only smaller. Or maybe...we'd grown??

This is Debbie and her childhood friend David. They played basketball together as children. We had a wonderful reunion with many friends from long ago. Deb looks at my blog from time to time, so this picture is for you, Debbie!

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